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Avocado plant diagnosis!!

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Cassidy starts with ...
This is my brother's avocado plant grown from a pit. It's never really fully matured because of issues with bugs and just a general lack of knowledge. He recently went away to school and just after the plant immediately declined. Powdery white substance on about half the plant, dark patches (some suspected sunburn), and little orange dots. Recently the leaves shriveled and the stem seems to have shrunken at the top. We took it to a local nursery and they recommended plant food, moving it to a sunnier spot and repotting because it was too wet. So far no improvement and possibly even more decline. Please help us diagnose what other issues it may be having.
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Fernandina beach
8th July 2019 7:34am
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Manfred says...
We may not be the best people to ask. Is your water salty? It looks to me like the decline isn't recent so perhaps you have been watering it with water a bit saltier than it might like over a longer period.

I wouldn't be fertilising it either. The upper part obviously isn't suffering from only recent over-fertilisation but that is how it would look after a longer period of excessive love.

You mention a powdery white substance but it doesn't show on the photographs. If it is a sap-sucker like woolly aphid which you have removed that will also cause that type of damage to the upper part of the stem. If that is the problem, persist with minimal watering and keep rubbing off any white stuff which does appear. (Look for legs and a snout with a magnifying glass.) Use a slow release fertiliser at half the recommended strength.

When you repotted it, were the roots thick down at the bottom of the pot or were they mostly in the top? If they were all the way through that's OK, but if only in the top you are overwatering or your potting mix drainage is too slow.
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8th July 2019 7:36pm
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Original Post was last edited: 8th July 2019 7:44pm
Mike Tr says...
Are those scale insects on the trunk and burnt leaf tips? Seedlings of avos are a real lottery even when you get the variety right for your area. Some of them never fruit and they are a little bit untrue. Excesses and deficiencies can cause the burnt tips with over fertilisation, excess water,salt and chlorine excess common problems.
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Mike Tr
10th July 2019 8:38am
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