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Manfred's Edible Backyard

Joined: 28/02/14 Updated: 28/02/14 Frost:
Location: Wamboin

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Manfred Forum Contributions
Lots a lemons - Pick them when you need a lemon...5 days 24hrs
Fruit treesdon webercitrus springs fl - The only factor in fruit size, colour, flavour etc is the breeding of the mother. Cross pollination only affects the embryo (or embryos in polymbryonics) in the seeds, which will determine the next generation. It can't alter the characteristics of the..56 days 19hrs
Seedling chestnut flowering months old - Congratulations - I have chestnut trees twenty years old that haven't flowered. I've never seen anything like that. Must be global warming...61 days 20hrs
Jackfruit seedlings - Yes - don't allow double leaders to develop unless you have a good reason to do so. If a tree has two main trunks each will have all its branches and leaves on one side and gravity will pull it to that side. With only one leader a tree is balanced and..69 days 20hrs
Pistachio trees1 - I have been told chinese pistachio will pollinate your Pistacia vera. Can't swear to the truth of it but it was a usually reliable source..74 days 19hrs
Bay tree seedlings - Whatever you do, don't release them into the wild...74 days 19hrs
Lenon seeds - Regulars will need to look away or forgive me as I repeat the manta that citrus seedlings are seedy. thorny, excessively vigorous and slow to bear. If you can live with all that, growing citrus from seed is well worthwhile. Most lemons will come true ..88 days 21hrs
Fig cuttings from ebay - I only have one black and one white variety left because I can't give figs as much water as they'd like, but I would be pleased to send you some cuttings around about April. I also pass a few fig trees on my annual migration north and could get some cu..90 days 20hrs
Cheap potting mix - I'm totally with you, James and Amanda on this. When I'm in my southern location I use Coles potting mix. I bought some Richgro in IGA in Tully a few months ago, which was the worst potting mix I have ever used. They don't sell that stuff any more..90 days 21hrs
Pruning newly planted apple - Sorry about the misunderstanding. When you want to plant it out, consider how much trunk you want to have before it branches and cut above that level to establish the desirable vase-shape...90 days 21hrs
Fig cuttings from ebay - It helps a lot. I have collected lots of fig cuttings in Melbourne over the years. Screw up your courage, go and knock on the door of a house with a fig tree you like the look of and ask for a cutting. I've never had any trouble except once at a Salv..92 days 18hrs
Fig4 - You can compare the leaves to leaves on fig websites to try to determine what variety it is but I've never had any success at that. If it's a classic three or five lobed fig leaf like you see in kiddies bibles it is edible and worth having. It will grow..92 days 18hrs
Pruning newly planted apple - You probably shouldn't be putting in bare-rooted plants in December but if you now have new growth it might be OK. Otherwise, treat it as you would a cutting - reduce the evapotranspiration surfaces and give it a year to stabilise. There is a bud (call..92 days 18hrs
Caring for an overpruned apricot tree - Apricots are very forgiving. I don't know what your "e;beautiful old apricot trees"e; were like, nor what you mean by main boughs, but i suspect the gardener may have done the right thing if your old trees were starting to become a bit messy. ..107 days 4hrs
Bunchosia argentea - Poor old Thrice Accursed One. Not bunchosia, not coffee. Probably some obscure tropical ornamental of the sort he fills his time with. In discussion, we did note that several local bunchosias which were quite (annoyingly) productive are now in full..130 days 17hrs

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