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Manfred's Edible Backyard

Joined: 28/02/14 Updated: 28/02/14 Frost:
Location: Tully

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Manfred Forum Contributions
Caring for an overpruned apricot tree - Apricots are very forgiving. I don't know what your "e;beautiful old apricot trees"e; were like, nor what you mean by main boughs, but i suspect the gardener may have done the right thing if your old trees were starting to become a bit messy. ..11 days 14hrs
Bunchosia argentea - Poor old Thrice Accursed One. Not bunchosia, not coffee. Probably some obscure tropical ornamental of the sort he fills his time with. In discussion, we did note that several local bunchosias which were quite (annoyingly) productive are now in full..35 days 4hrs
Planting a lemon tree - I think it's OK. Some people oppose planting on a dam because trees sometimes don't last as long as dams should so when they die the roots rot away and leave potential tracks for leakage. There is also a question of how well built your dam is. In g..36 days 17hrs
Bunchosia argentea - I will be there later today!..36 days 17hrs
Avocado leaves going brown - New avocado leaves are shiny brown. They turn green as they age. Some people consider it attractive to have a tree covered with shiny new leaves covering the old green leaves when there's a flush of new growth...36 days 17hrs
Plum tree leaf curl - Leaf curl is caused by a fungus. It's too late to do anything about it this year. Next year, spray the leaves before leaf bud-swell and at early bud-swell with a copper based fungicide like Bordeaux or copper oxychloride. Do it every year in late wi..36 days 17hrs
Papaya in melbourne - How big is your heated greenhouse? Without one of those you won't get any papayas. ..44 days 5hrs
Giant siam starfruit tree - The fruit will be entirely dependent on the mother (ie the tree it grows on). The next generation might be different. It would be like having an avocado (say Hass, A) fertilised by a different (usually B, eg Shephard) avocado. The fruit is purely H..44 days 5hrs
Want to about a fruit - Great pictures. I think it's a grapefruit. The fruit size and tree size incline me to think so, and although only the picture 4 leaves look like grapefruit leaves and the thorns are savage for a grapefruit the fruit sections look like grapefruit. ..70 days 4hrs
New to fruit trees - None of your pictures are working for me. My suggestion would be to drive around the area and look for a garden with reasonably well tended fruit trees and drop in on the householder. I don't know any fruit grower who wouldn't be willing to discuss ..70 days 4hrs
Chinese pomelo for sale - I can't imagine it...78 days 15hrs
Citrus grafting expertshelp please - What you probably have is a sudachi budded onto Poncirus trifoliata. The bud is placed onto the stem and the stem is cut above the bud when the bud-graft takes. Fearlessly cut away everything above your sudachi. Use a sloping cut so water runs off..89 days 4hrs
Grafting citrus - Essentially, yes. There are reasons for particular rootstocks being used and one of the common ones, Poncirus trifoliata, isn't even citrus but a different genus. Trifoliata is used because it is semi-dwarfing, a bit drought tolerant, collar rot res..98 days 14hrs
Tree id5 - Tully Library (Butler Street) has a session on tropical fruits by the aptly named Trikus 2 to 4 on Thursday September 14. All welcome, bring fruit for ID. 4043 9138 for bookings (?) but no bookings necessary. I think the Innisfail Library also has ..102 days 14hrs
Growing fig from seed - Can't agree with that Julie. Fruit is as fundamental to plants as noses are to people. Sometimes someone is born without one, but it doesn't happen often enough to make it worth worrying about. Pollination of figs occurs internally, so it is likely th..111 days 14hrs

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