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Manfred's Edible Backyard

Joined: 28/02/14 Updated: 28/02/14 Frost:
Location: Wamboin

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Manfred Forum Contributions
Bread fruit seedling - Your Zen master has set you an impossible task...129 days 14hrs
Jackfruit tap root - No, but trees often don't have a tap root after they get going, where the water table is too high or the soil is too shallow. The tree will develop a healthy adventitious root system as long as the main roots aren't too bunched up when you plant it out...133 days 19hrs
Flying dragon compatability - I think flying dragon is a US name for Poncirus trifoliata, which we normally just call "e;trifoliata"e; when we are talking/writing about citrus rootstocks. It is a citrale, not a citrus, generally compatible with citrus species, (but not eurek..166 days 14hrs
Transplanting bonsai fig - I'd be sad to see a thirty year old bonsai destroyed like that. They aren't a lot of work but take a long time to produce. Couldn't you give it to someone who appreciates it as a bonsai. It is easy to get a native fig like a Moreton Bay, Benjamin..191 days 23hrs
Avocado tree in transplant shock - Oh! I'd be in despair by now but there is still a small chance. Remove all the leaves, keep it warm and moist and about 50% shade. Don't bother trying to keep any laminae, but leave some petioles because they protect the axillary buds and axillaries..231 days 14hrs
Avocado tree in transplant shock - Not enough information. How big is it? As a general observation, in an emergency relocation like that it would usually be wise to remove almost all the foliage or preferably cut all leaf laminae back almost to the petiole to reduce transpiration sur..232 days 2hrs
Apple branch squeezed - That doesn't look too bad to me, but how does that branch feature in your overall plan for that tree? I'd probably be inclined to leave it. Plants don't heal but they do overgrow damage like that and a young tree will quickly cover minor damage earl..310 days 14hrs
Mandarin fruit1 - Bunnings isn't all that bad, though they do sell something as "e;lemon grass"e; which is not Cymbopogon citratus and will someday be reported to the ACCC for it. (I think it's a genuine mistake because I warned their previous supplier and they ..316 days 3hrs
Pruning fig - Figs bear their fruit on new growth. Why do you want to reduce the base for the new growth? If you want to shape it or keep it small, bear in mind that pruning encourages a plant to start growing, so very late winter is going to be less disruptive t..353 days 17hrs
Plant identifcation - It certainly is. It's one of the worst. I'm in despair in one patch of garden where it has overgrown a healthy japonica (Coleonema pulchrum -I think)and is coming through some bush roses. One of my neighbours has it coming up in some soil they had ..360 days 0hrs
Plant identifcation - I'm with Julie on this one. Vinca major - periwinkle. The enlarging button doesn't work for me so I might be wrong, but I'd be nervous if it came up somewhere I didn't already have it. (Great groundcover though if you don't want to grow anything el..364 days 16hrs
What conifer is this - They look like roman cypress, Cupressus sempervirens..365 days 2hrs
Apache pecan seedlings - Why would you think they're apache seedlings? If the mother was apache they were presumably fertilised by something else. The father gets an equal share of the blame/credit...417 days 17hrs
Trees grown from seed - I don't understand the question. If you want seedling grown trees, almonds sprout readily if you buy local nuts this time of the year. Likewise pecans, hazelnuts and walnuts. Apples grow readily if you put fresh seeds in a little moist newspape..427 days 17hrs
Lots a lemons - Pick them when you need a lemon...434 days 21hrs

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