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Manfred's Edible Backyard

Joined: 28/02/14 Updated: 28/02/14 Frost:
Location: Wamboin

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Manfred Forum Contributions
Acacia trees - I don't think it is Robinia pseudoacacia because those have white flowers (or lately pink flowered varities are available). I can't make out the flowers well enough to be sure but it might be a cassia rather than an acacia. Acacias have sim..13hrs53mins
Avocado55 - The seed carries the genetics of both parents. The fruit is produced entirely by the mother. The fruit need not even carry a seed. It can be complicated, species by species, but for avocados that is all you need to work with. When someone here r..13hrs59mins
Help tree pests and diseases1 - I had not even considered borers because I have no great experience of them. It could be a possibility. Perhaps someone who knows them better could give a more authoritative opinion. The treatment for borers is supposed to be magnesium sulphate - a..5 days 9hrs
Macadamias - Yes to the native plant feed. I am told the chook poo fertilisers are OK, but maybe only in moderation. As to whether it will survive, the definitive answer is, I don't know. I did something similar to a much bigger one, about 3 metres, a few ..6 days 10hrs
Help tree pests and diseases1 - I reckon they are all too young to have bacterial canker but otherwise that is what it looks like. If you have been flaking off the bark and the trunk is soft underneath then it is bacterial canker. Anyone else?..7 days 6hrs

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