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Manfred's Edible Backyard

Joined: 28/02/14 Updated: 28/02/14 Frost:
Location: Wamboin

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Manfred Forum Contributions
Hardy fruit varieties for a semiarid climate - The block is at Rylstone which is just west of the Blue Mountains near Lithgow but not as high up as that and much drier. Sapodillas are reputed to be tough enough to take it and the suggestion of bush lemons by Julie is a good one. (See how apostrop..2 days 16hrs
Hardy fruit varieties for a semiarid climate - Hi CB - What Jakfruit said is good though I do not think citrus will do any good. At best a meyer lemon (only if on trifoliata) against a north facing wall in a sheltered position. Figs like a lot more water than most people like to give them. A..4 days 18hrs
Hardy fruit varieties for a semiarid climate - How big is the block and what soils do you have. Slopes, aspect, drainage, machinery? Are you able to source a good supply of mulches and organic matter, do you intend to include animals (eg choox, dux). Will you be living there full-time or only ..9 days 18hrs
Help something is ring barking my ice - If you come up with something that can kill ice-cream bean trees send me some!..19 days 17hrs
Jaboticaba tree bark colouring - That looks like a pretty advanced plant for a 5 month old planting. It looks pretty good in the pictures. Hard to say from here why it might have lost its leaves - it has been pretty dry and they like a lot of water in a warm situation. I have seen..37 days 15hrs

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