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Aussie gold dragon fruit1 - Has anybody experimented with Aussie Gold dragon fruit regarding when to pick them. How long after they turn yellow are they at their sweetest.. They seem to have the capability to hang on the vine successfully for quite a while. ..873 days 4hrs
Dragon fruit - Could you please get back to me regarding cuttings at ivyrigg at me dot com...1172 days 6hrs
Dragon fruit - Does anyone have Natural Mystic or Edgar’s Baby I could purchase...1175 days 6hrs

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Growing kiwi from seed - The fruit could be like one of the parents or a mix of both in an amazing way or it may reverte to a wild type kiwi as seedlings sometimes do. Taking chances with seedling is how many varieties were developed in the first place, its a lucky dip good luck...Liked Question 1030 days 21hrs

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