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Emilio's Edible Backyard

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Citrus planted near wall foundation effects - Thanks for all the advice. ..1420 days 13hrs
Citrus planted near wall foundation effects - HI Guys, Online I notice lots of people are planting citrus near brick walls of their house. i.e. espalier. My Question is how safe is it to do? Will it damage house foundations?? I was thinking of duo planting a eureka and Tahitian lime about 1m..1420 days 17hrs
Potted bare root fig planting - Thanks sounds good..1521 days 20hrs
Potted bare root fig planting - hi guys, I have bought a number of trees one of which is a fruiting fig. I want to put in a pot so roots don't grow out of control and push on the retaining wall. Now I have read is not good to use soil rich in fertiliser as it burns the roots. ..1523 days 1hrs
Dwarf apple espalier - Hi Guys, My investigations are going further..Is it feasible to grow 2 apple trees on a M26 root stock 1m apart if I keep trimmed to a 1.5m height in a 2 level espalier? M26 grafted dwarf apples seem to be pretty easy to find...1553 days 20hrs
Dwarf apple espalier - Thanks for replies I am from hurstville area in sydney. Yea I probably do need a low chill variety...1555 days 14hrs
Dwarf apple espalier - HI Guys, My Location is Sydney. I would like to espalier 2 apple trees. Basically having 2 rows each tree on opposite sides of a small square of lawn 2mx2m on the high side of a 1m retaining wall. Ideally each tree would be 2 metres long and ma..1555 days 22hrs

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Dwarf bananas - What do they taste like Trikus? Wouldn't mind a couple of 'suckers' myself. One for Wayne, one for me :-)..Liked Question 241 days 13hrs

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