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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
Bare root fruit trees just arriveCrimson seedless grape specialAdvanced TreesBare root coming soon

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Joined: 08/04/15 Updated: // Frost: None
Location: Thailand

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Zahrada1 says... [1198 days 2hrs ago]
Hi Bangkok, could you please email me to zahrada1@hotmail.com (I am unable to find your email here) I'd like to ask you something, thank you
Markmelb says... [596 days 5hrs ago]
Hi BK - Ive started a new forum - none of us could find your email as was on fig forum when deleted - https://aussierarefruitenthusiast.createaforum.com

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Bangkok Forum Contributions
Krasuey sapodilla1 - I think i know people who can send you these seeds from Thailand. Is there an emailaddress somewhere? But there's an even better and bigger one available now. From vietnam or cambodia i believe...695 days 0hrs
Avocado scion1 - I think it will be hard to get fresh scions into the UK from another continent. They are in Europe though, maybe that's easyier for you? https://www.ebay.de/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1311.R9.TR12.TRC2.A0.H2.Xavocado+.TRS0&_nkw=avoc..700 days 11hrs
Tree for climbing - I see, didn't know that inga breaks easy. In that case a hardwood tree is needed, or maybe just a mango? If the boys are from the 2017 generation maybe they like rubber tiles under the tree, just like in playgrounds. Maybe the stems also can get pa..713 days 7hrs
Tree for climbing - you need an icecreambean tree. aka inga edulis...715 days 8hrs
Curry leaf tree in melbourne - The ones i saw in Penang fruitpark also had a single long stem from about a meter before the branching begun...717 days 13hrs
Pear leaf browning - I guess it's a fungus called Venturia pirina. You have to clean up the dead leaves from the floor and if that's not enough you can spray sulfur...759 days 23hrs
Curry tree - I also have a curryleave tree and yes Asians sure love to cook with it, especially Indians. Mine also doesn't really taste like currypowder but i haven't tried cooking with it yet. In Penang i ate some dishes with these leaves but they mixed it with..770 days 18hrs
Wax jambu of water roseapple - The tree will get multiple tops now. But this tree attracts a lot of pests and critters and the worst is the fruitfly who ruins the apples at a very small size...780 days 21hrs
Rambutan2 - Growing rambutan in a container is extra hard, you need at least a large container for them. I have a yellow rambutan in a 80-100l pot but it never bloomed since 2 years now. It's a large tree from almost 3 meters tall and has a double rootstock. My..799 days 21hrs
White seedless longan - Here are my first red longans. The white seedless longantree suddenly died while it was planted 20 cm away from this tree in the same large pot. The nice red ones on the other picture is what they should look like i guess. To me they look very diffe..800 days 22hrs
Fruit problem - http://vikaspedia.in/agriculture/crop-production/integrated-pest-managment/ipm-for-fruit-crops/ipm-strategies-for-guava/guava-diseases-and-symptoms..819 days 9hrs
Fruit problem - The Thai protect their guava's from full sun. They wrap them in paper or just put a plastic bag over them. I grow mine in netbags but mealybugs also like to sit safe in there. Guava's like fertilizer, did they get enough?..824 days 11hrs
Taiwanese mangos - Here are some of the new taiwanese mango's from left to right. 2x red ivory kim hong yu-wen summer snow I haven't tasted them yet.. ..843 days 5hrs
Repotting fuit trees - I have the same issue and decided to go for plastic bins. I have one from 160 litre now, made of unbreakable plastic. Because those only come in blue color here i glued faux grass all around it, looks great. I can still move it around only by myself bu..855 days 8hrs
Weeping willow cuttings - We have them around the lake here in Bangkok but i can't cut them since it's a common garden. There are many thai ebay sellers, maybe they can help you? ..857 days 22hrs

Mango - Nam doc mai

Bangkok's Edible Fruits
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