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Becc1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 00/00/00 Updated: 16/10/15 Frost:
Location: HERNE HILL

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Feijoa - Unique 7/10

Why Becc1 wants it: -

I'm from Kaitaia (Nth Is) loved these since l can remember, l live in Geelong it's similiar to Whangarei only on a bigger scale, most people here have never heard or tasted feijoa's.

l actually stumbled on a tree by accident in the middle of Geelong City, people were watching me knock the friut off the tree as l'm slightly short.

2 dozen later very happy and it's only by accident l came across your page even happier.

I ate most of these natural and had a crack at a fejoa, carrot cake (using carrot cake receipe) it didn't last long.

I want to have a go at growing a feijoa tree, and if it does work out l'll try another plant.

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