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Linda's Edible Backyard

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Linda Forum Contributions
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in sydneywollongongnewcastle3 - HI, I realise this is an ancient thread but How did you go with your Jakfruit in Wollongong? I have paw paw in Sydney but right close to the north of the house - not a suitable place for a huge Jakfruit :)..89 days 23hrs
Fig leaf beetle issue2 - As they are caterpillars and chewing the leaves you could use Dipel or similar - Bacillus - it's a bacterium so one of the 'original' biological comtrol..89 days 23hrs
Paw paw disease - Rather late :( but perhaps this will help someone else.... You have pawpaw black spot - it's a fungus. https://www.abc.net.au/gardening/how-to/pawpaw-protection/10397432 ..227 days 2hrs
Best coastal grape - Try Chambourcin grapes as well. They are a black seeded WINE grape but if you leave them long enough on the vine they become beautifully sweet. I successfully grow them in Sydney with no fungal sprays as they are resistant...553 days 23hrs
Ob blueberry sydnsw - Hi, Did you find a source of OB1 Blueberries in Sydney? Thanks Linda ..568 days 12hrs

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Queen garnet plum - Heres an update on the Queen Garnet Seedling project - First flowers opening today and lots more on branch as you can see - same time as Mariposa too so should get some fruit come February???? Still have another seedling for scion wood to graft next year..Liked Answer 66 days 23hrs
Garden with used kitty litter - I am interested to know if anyone incorporates used kittylitter ( bentonite variety) into their soil or use it as a mulch? I have placed it around a cape gooseberry with good results,but wonder about its effects on citrus, vegies etc?..Liked Question 98 days 10hrs
Garden with used kitty litter - We use it the paper? based pellet stuff around the garden, it goes good. But for us it's loaded full of rabbit pee, not sure on the nitrogen content of rabbit pee but by the smell of it, it's loaded. It's certainly got tons of calcium in it, so much th..Liked Answer 98 days 10hrs

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