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Linda's Edible Backyard

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Linda Forum Contributions
Tiger nuts - Thanks Linton, so they do. Not to WA or Tas - that common , but not to NSW either :( I'll work on it...12 days 23hrs
Fruit trees for poor drainage area - Very few things really like wet feet except marsh type plants. Have you considered planting on a 'turkey mound" = equals drainage. A large 1m + mound of good soil and plant on top of that...24 days 21hrs
Newcastle warm temperate or subtropical - I'd say generally temperate except 'in a warm spot'. I grow Paw paw /papaya on the north side of my house in Sydney. I'm definitely NOT sub tropical but I can get away with those due to the brick wall and the roof overhang.......24 days 21hrs
Apple problems - Thanks @QRcode. I did not want to post preconceived ideas but..... I 'gave in' and sprayed with mavrik against dimpling bug and this year was the worst of the lot - fits in with bitter pit. Friend had probs and showed her pics to apple grower i..24 days 21hrs
Sugar apple leaf tips - One of the pics looks a bit droopy but it just looks like new growth to me ( I will stand corrected if i'm wrong....)..26 days 19hrs

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