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Longans in melbourne - My Longan are doing well, watered with heaps of seaweed solution to help it through winter. It definitely worked and fertilised it with chook poo. May take years but hoping it will be worth it...1783 days 16hrs

Longan - Kohala (Marcot) (Cutting) 8/10

Magnificuss1's Edible Fruits
Update: 1783 days 16hrs

Comments: -

This was a fruit I grew up with being from Borneo.

Planted: 2015

Height 1.6 metres

Growing: In the Ground

Sun/Shade: Low Sun

Water Given in: Spring


I planted this in Autumn in Melbourne this year. Statistically this winter was the coldest in 26 years of Melbournes history and yet the longan plant bought from Daleys has nearly doubled in growth.  Have another one that hasnt done much through winter but spring has brought new flush starting now and what looks like flowers. Will update soon.

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