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Ang13's Edible Backyard

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Ang13 Forum Contributions
Econeem and others - I only use Eco-neem, Eco oil, Eco seaweed & Eco aminogro in my veggie garden. I can't believe I've had basically no pests in my garden this season. I've got heaps of benificial insects & bugs. my plants are thriving and are so healthy. I've got heaps of f..1701 days 15hrs
Econeem rate for edibles - Thanks Chris I did contact the maker and they said use the rate on the label for what you are treating. It's working really well. ..1927 days 13hrs
Veggie garden - If you use treated sleepers just line the inside with black plastic making sure you plastic covers the ground as well. & use a garden fork to stab some holes in the plastic that is on the ground so water can drain away. No nasty poisons will get taken in ..1940 days 7hrs
Econeem rate for edibles - Does anyone know the rate to mix in water to use on veggie/herb gardens & fruit trees? Thanks ..1940 days 7hrs
Econeem and others - Did you check the use by date on the back of the bottle? It has a shelf life of 2 years. If it's out of date it might not be working as it should. I just brought a 250ml bottle at masters for $39.00 as bunnings only stock the 100ml bottle and it was ..1940 days 7hrs

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