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Gordonh's Edible Backyard

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gordonh says... [3054 days 23hrs ago]
Love growing fruit trees.Just planted 2 x Cherry Guavas.Now have .custard apples x 2.Lychee.lemon.red grape fruit pawpaw x 4.2 x avoswanting another mango

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Gordonh Forum Contributions
Shepard avocado - Planted good looking tree mid December '15.Well mounded in sandy premium,covered with 30% shade cloth to prevent burning of young wood.Well fertilized,kept the water up to it,and am happy with the quality of the new bud growth.Nipped the top main stem and..3000 days 10hrs
Custard apple7 - Planted this custard Apple November '14.Now main body 2 mtrs height.Have picked off many small set fruit altready to give the tree better growth.Will allow some fruit to set this coming summer...3000 days 14hrs
Bowen mangoes - Planted this Bowen grafted in Novmber 14.Now 2 1/2 meters even after shaping.Hope to get a good flower set next summer.I will top the tree out at 4 1/2 mtrs when there is good solid wood.Good flush now.Planted in sandy/clay mix, has regular micro jet wate..3000 days 14hrs
Kp mango - Planted a 70cm (runt) grafted KP mango 1 month ago.Have nurtured it and has gained a nice 200mm flush.I can see already the next flush starting up.Planted it in a mix of sandy/slightly clay mix and have micro jet spray for regular watering...3000 days 15hrs
Mangos5 - Does anyone have any comments on Mango - Florigon variety.Cheers..3042 days 0hrs

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