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FarmerDan's Edible Backyard

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FarmerDan Forum Contributions
Looking for palms and or seeds - Looking to source any Parajubaea sp. , wool jelly palm, Brahea armata, mule palm and any other temperate palms of interest, i have jelly palm, Chilean wine, canary island, trachy and liv australis Regards Daniel Taurins danieltaurins86 @ Hotmail . Co..258 days 17hrs
Palms and seeds - Looking for palms or seeds of any Parajubaea sp. also wooly jelly palm B. Eriospatha. Another but non edible is Brahea armata or any temperate palms beside the easy to obtain ones like Livistona and Trachycarpus Daniel taurins ..259 days 4hrs
Wanted theobroma bicolor seeds plus others - After theobroma bicolor seeds, cheena, perhaps some north american pawpaw seeds, some rarer Annonas eg 'honey soursop' , maybe anything else of interest, im in nsw, danieltaurins86@hotmail.com all my plants tropicals have to live in the greenhouse over wi..753 days 16hrs
Fragaria chiloensis - Hey guys, wondering if anyone has come across any fragaria chiloensis strawberries here in aus (beach/costal strawberries), im after some of these alpine plants, ive just purchased some virginiana's from daleys and have plenty of Vescas but if anyone coul..1294 days 22hrs

Avocado - Bacon (B) (Grafted) 10/10

FarmerDan's Edible Fruits
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suitable for our cold weather

Planted: 2015

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