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JessRed1's Edible Backyard

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About My Edible Backyard

Why JessRed1 Love's Edible Plants

I have a very small backyard in Melbourne (about 5m wide by 8m long) and want to get the most out of the space.  I aim to grow as many edibles in the small space as possible and eventually have at least one fruit available at all times of the year. I also want the space to be an attractive and comfortable extra living zone.  

Design principles:

Trying to roughly follow permaculture principles (multi-layers with companion/guild planting, mostly perrenials and self-seeding annuals, etc) so the garden will largely look after itself once established.

The plan is to grow evergreen vines and espalier evergreen fruit trees along the two side fences, with any gaps filled with espaliered/hedged edble bushes and companion plants to attract bees. This is to maximise the visual green-ness of the space without blocking sun or limiting the width of the property. Deciduous trees can be grown throughout to provide shade in summer without blocking sun in winter.

Fruit plants:

Evergreen fruit trees (espaliered): dwarf eureka lemon; dwarf tahitian lime; native finger lime (seedling); dwarf imperial mandarin; jaboticaba; feijoa seedling; strawberry guava (wish list: dwarf lemonade; dwarf cara cara orange; native finger lime - Judy's Everbearing; feijoa nazemetz; feijoa apollo; dwarf tangelo minneola; white sapote; tamarillo)

Deciduous fruit trees: fig st dominique violette (wish list: fig white adriatic; fig pingo de mel; jujube li; peach/nectarine multi-graft; cherry multi-graft; apricot multi-graft; apple 3-way graft (pink lady, fuji, gala); persimmon fujugaki; dwarf almond; pomegranate)

Bushes/shrubs: sunshine blue blueberry x 2; denise blueberry; bilberry; chilean guava; pepino; midyim berry; white currant (wish list: blueberry reveille; blueberry brigitta)

Vines and cane fruits: grafted black passionfruit (Nelly Kelly); non-grafted banana passionfruit (Nelly Kelly); purple raspberry; digger's gold raspberry; pink neika raspberry; williamette raspberry (wish list: tayberry; marionberry; blackberry)

Groundcovers: alpine strawberries; muntries (wish list: more alpine strawberries!)

Indoor: miracle berry; monstera deliciosa (wish list: n/a)

Probably unachievable dream (due to space limitations):

I'd also love to have some egg-laying chickens or ducks, and a hive of roof-top bees to do their pollinating magic. An outdoor fire pit wouldn't go astray.

Orientation/soil type etc:

We inherited a concrete backyard and are growing most of our plants in pots and planter boxes until after renovations. The soil is poor quality clay that has been neglected for many many years.

Our yard has a north-facing orientation so most of the garden gets full sun, with the exception of the back part which is shaded by the back fence and street trees in winter.


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JessRed1's WISH LIST

Dwarf Lemonade

Why JessRed1 wants it: - To espalier on west-facing fence

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