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Adrian 's Edible Backyard

Joined: 13/06/16 Updated: // Frost:
Location: MELROSE PARK,5039,SA

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Adrian Forum Contributions
Honey gold mango - Update on my Honey Gold graft, today is Dec 7, 2017 and progress is good. ..566 days 6hrs
Seville orange - Just picked these rough skinned Seville oranges this morning July 2, 2017...724 days 7hrs
Seville orange - 8 years is way too long to wait but that's the great unknown growing from seed and not grafting, I grow from seed and when 8 months old bud graft a bud from a fruit bearing rough skin Seville tree and after 2 years of that graft growing it will fruit. Th..728 days 9hrs
Seville orange - Hi Bruce can you post a pic of the fruit in question please?..758 days 13hrs
Seville orange - Thank you, they did cop a whack from the citrus leaf miner but they will get thru ok...797 days 13hrs
Honey gold mango - Hi Pete, a friend put me onto a bloke who lives in Payneham who has a HG tree about 8 years old so I contacted him and went there to get some budwood, the tree looks good so am hoping it definitely is HG but won't be 100% sure until it fruits. ..801 days 13hrs
Seville orange - Here is an update of my Rough Skin Seville seedlings taken April 16th,2017...801 days 13hrs
Honey gold mango - Hi everyone this is my R2E2 I grew from seed bout 4 years ago and decided to graft a Honey Gold onto it and it has succeeded,at end of winter I will remove all R2E2 growth so all the energy will go into the honey gold graft once spring arrives, I took the..818 days 10hrs
Honey gold mango - Planted a honey gold seed mid December and pic taken on Feb 2,2017. Kept the best 2 as the other 2 were weaklings. ..874 days 5hrs
Seville orange - Here is an update of my yellow graperfuit tree I grafted red grapefruit, mandarin and tangello into, the tall growth in the middle is the mandarin and the one on the left is a red flesh grapefruit with the tangello taking it's time on the right but should..874 days 5hrs
Seville orange - Grafted mandarin onto grapefruit, naval orange onto lemon, tangelo onto lime and blood orange onto seville...937 days 11hrs
Seville orange - SueBee you can graft any other type of citrus on to any member of the citrus family, I have done quite a lot of citrus grafting. ..937 days 11hrs
Seville orange - Now have 75 little baby rough skin seville's...941 days 7hrs
Honey gold mango - Not honey gold but my Kensington seedling which is now 5 years old has set fruit here in Adelaide...941 days 7hrs
Seville orange - No, you can only tell from the actual fruit...946 days 10hrs

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