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Bron357's Edible Backyard

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Location: CROYDON

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Bron357 Forum Contributions
Feijoa fruit sydney - Hi all, I'm sorry to report that we've been besieged by fruit bats. I heard this squealing the other night and thought it was fighting cats, but no, the fruit bats this year found the Feijoa tree. They have monstered the tree. We'll obviously have to try ..1199 days 10hrs
Feijoa fruit sydney - Hi, we have a huge Feijoa tree, over 5 metres, here in the inner west of Sydney which creates a mountain load of fruit which goes to complete waste (we don't eat them). The tree is currently in flower. If anyone wants to have some fruit let me know and I ..1349 days 15hrs
Seeking feijoa fruit - Hi, we have a old giant tree (8 meters or more) in our backyard. For years these "green bombs" have been falling into our garden. I have just realised what they are. If anyone in Sydney's inner west would like the fruit when it's ready, email me. We w..1975 days 11hrs

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