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QRcode Forum Contributions
Lime fruit browning - Unfortunately, this is one of the negative traits of the variety. Tahitian is a great tasting lime, but it doesn't hang well on the tree when mature. When left to ripen fully on the tree, it develops a physiological disorder called stylar-end rot, ..13 days 16hrs
Lemon tree leaves wilting - From around Christmas time when they emerge, spray the summer/autumn flush with an oil spray. Be careful not to burn the young leaves in the process--half strength may be adequate. This really only needs to be done on young non-bearing trees. On mature t..92 days 15hrs
Citrus stink bugs - It can also cause temporary staining of your skin, even when using some types of gloves. You'd have to be a masochist to squash them with your bare hands!..170 days 15hrs
Apricot trees in sydney - Fireball fruits for me without much of a cross pollinator. But even though it is on dwarf rootstock, it is a pretty tall tree. I have a Divinity also, but it is newly planted so has only a solitary fruit...214 days 22hrs
Citrus bugs - The best spray I have found after many trials, is one containing Permethrin, which is a pyrethroid. I haven't tried Mavrik (also a synthetic pyrethroid), which is another expensive watered down Yates product. Permethrin has been around a long time ..214 days 23hrs

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Compost bugs - A year on since my post and let just say I have learnt to live with soldiers fly larvae. I have far worst pests to deal with - ants! Anyway, I would suggest do what you normally do, add greens and browns. Turning the compost won’t hurt them, as t..Liked Answer 50 days 15hrs

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