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Jensen's Edible Backyard

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Jensen Forum Contributions
Palm frond mulch - I 'harvest' a lot of palm fronds. It seems a shame to waste them. So, I cut them up, shred the 'leafy' part to be used as mulch, and bury the 'wide' parts in raised garden beds. However, I have absolutely no idea about chemistry, pH, etc. related to th..2327 days 10hrs
Panama berry tree - Tree grows well - very well actually. Some fruit, but not 'impressive' considering the size of the tree. -And the size of the tree is a problem: It is more than 6 m tall, but too thin to support a ladder. The birds get most of the fruit. ... I guess it..2327 days 11hrs
Citrus trees fruits falling off after flowering - I have green tree ants in my garden - but not on the lime tree. Does that mean that the problem with the lime tree is not caused by the insects green ants prey on? -And I thought green ants were my friends. -Apart from the occasional confrontation. .....2327 days 11hrs
Grafting citrus - Thank you Manfred. jensen ..2472 days 13hrs
Grafting citrus - I took some cuttings from a small citrus tree growing in my garden when I moved in. I assume it is a Bush Lemon (?). Some of them grew. -Very thorny. - No fruit yet. Question: If/when I prune the citrus trees I buy, can I hope to graft the cuttings unto..2481 days 13hrs

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