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Jensen's Edible Backyard

Joined: 24/07/17 Updated: 24/07/17 Frost:
Location: innisfal

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Jensen Forum Contributions
Palm frond mulch - I 'harvest' a lot of palm fronds. It seems a shame to waste them. So, I cut them up, shred the 'leafy' part to be used as mulch, and bury the 'wide' parts in raised garden beds. However, I have absolutely no idea about chemistry, pH, etc. related to th..504 days 3hrs
Panama berry tree - Tree grows well - very well actually. Some fruit, but not 'impressive' considering the size of the tree. -And the size of the tree is a problem: It is more than 6 m tall, but too thin to support a ladder. The birds get most of the fruit. ... I guess it..504 days 4hrs
Citrus trees fruits falling off after flowering - I have green tree ants in my garden - but not on the lime tree. Does that mean that the problem with the lime tree is not caused by the insects green ants prey on? -And I thought green ants were my friends. -Apart from the occasional confrontation. .....504 days 5hrs
Grafting citrus - Thank you Manfred. jensen ..649 days 6hrs
Grafting citrus - I took some cuttings from a small citrus tree growing in my garden when I moved in. I assume it is a Bush Lemon (?). Some of them grew. -Very thorny. - No fruit yet. Question: If/when I prune the citrus trees I buy, can I hope to graft the cuttings unto..658 days 6hrs
Poison removal - Slightly different poison-question: So, Round-Up does not poison the soil. But, what about diesel oil or sump oil? (Sprayed on the fence line. ...?) -For the sake of 'good neighbourhood feelings' I do not want to raise the question, but all the cuttin..658 days 7hrs
Tree id5 - Thank you very much Pademelon1. I guess I have a lot to learn. ... In some cases "e;Plants of Tropical North Queensland, The Compact Guide"e; by John Beasley has been a great help. -Probably even greater if I learned some botany. ... jens..658 days 8hrs
Quoteharmlessquote spray - Thank you BJ11 jensen ..658 days 8hrs
Tree id5 - Thanks Manfred. jensen ..659 days 6hrs
Quoteharmlessquote spray - Two questions: 1. Something is eating leaves or parts of leaves on my citrus trees. There are no insects when I look. -Should I suspect grasshoppers? 2. I think there are 'recipes' for home-made sprays based on potassium soap - which I guess is not too..661 days 4hrs
Passionfruit problem - Passionfruit plants grow but do not look 'healthy'. The leaves have holes with brown dry edges. (-No flowers or fruit yet, perhaps the plants are too young.) With respect to the 'unhealthy' looking leaves, should I suspect bacteria, virus, or insects? ..661 days 5hrs
Tree id5 - I moved to Far North Qld a couple of years ago. The garden - and environment - is full of plants I do not recognise. Some of them probably edible, some probably not. ... (I only dare eat what I have planted myself. ...) -Any suggestions for books - et..661 days 5hrs
How to prune passionfruit vine1 - A - slightly related question: If you prune, what is the best way to make the cuttings grow roots? (Or you may cut just for the sake of getting cuttings: Same question.) ..699 days 9hrs
Yellow lemon tree leaves - Yes, "e;Clay is good provided the roots don't stand in water."e; But the lawn has about one cm of water standing on it after heavy rain. -And I have been told that clay is acidic. So, I tried to create some raised garden beds by burying some 'g..701 days 5hrs
Tree killing poison - -Different problem re.: Poison: Assuming RoundUp, diesel, sump oil, etc. sprayed (poured?) on the soil at the fence line, How far into the garden is the soil poisoned and for how long? jensen ..703 days 7hrs

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