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DebbieK1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 00/00/00 Updated: 17/11/17 Frost:
Location: KEW

About My Edible Backyard

Why DebbieK1 Love's Edible Plants

I love ALL plants to be honest. My love of edible, Australian and exotic plants and gardens comes from deep within. Something intrinsic. I take pleasure in the natural world - flora and fauna - the connections and the interdependencies - I love to see frogs, echindas, lizards, tiny flying insects, birds etc etc, which all depend on clean water, healthy plants and soil. I believe that these simplest of pleasures are the greatest. And if I can encourage a tiny bit of it in my front and back coutyard gardens, Im a happy person. To pick your own lemon, or even just a bunch of parsley is simply but deeply satisfying.


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DebbieK1's WISH LIST

Vanilla Vine 8/10

Why DebbieK1 wants it: - I cook and Im great at growing (Australian) Orchids. This one will be more of a challenge but a terrific reward

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