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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
Bare root fruit trees just arriveCrimson seedless grape specialAdvanced TreesBare root coming soon

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Dwarf bananas - Does anyone have any dwarf banana plants for sale in the Newcastle/Hunter area? Can pay & pick up. Have checked several nurseries around here and no-one has any stock. Thanks,..453 days 7hrs
Pawpaws eaten1 - Fruitylicious: thanks for info......534 days 5hrs
Pawpaws eaten1 - What's eating my ripening pawpaws?? Tree completely netted. Thanks, ..536 days 11hrs
Pawpaws eaten - ..536 days 11hrs
Fallen young custard apple - Found this on the ground under our tree this morning. It was going to be our first fruit of the season. Stem looks like it's just snapped off cleanly. No strong wind last night. Any idea as to possible causes? Thanks,..566 days 8hrs
Custard apples and bats - Do fruit bats attack/eat ripening custard apples? Thanks,..566 days 9hrs
Paxton prolific not fruiting - Thanks, Waterfall - please see my update under "e;Fruitylicious"e; below - seems like I'm starting to have a bit of success. Good idea about training branches to spread rather than go up...572 days 21hrs
Paxton prolific not fruiting - Thanks for this info. Will consider further. If I start misting on hot days, how long would I need to run it for each day? (we can have a string of summer days where the temp is above 28 degrees with hot, dry westerly wind from about 10 am until 6pm). Wh..572 days 21hrs
Paxton prolific not fruiting - We are in Newcastle, NSW (about 1 km from the coast) and have a 3-4 year old healthy Paxton Prolific custard apple tree which is growing well ( now about 3 m tall). I am doing all the fertilizer (potash, Nitrophoska, Dynamic Lifter) regime etc., mulching,..576 days 5hrs

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Pawpaws eaten1 - Hi BZH First of all your netting is not properly installed. A good netting should be framed and taut with a reasonable distance away from the fruit being protected. Yours is loose and crinkly. Bigger birds and flying fox can easily lean and use their w..Liked Answer 534 days 5hrs

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