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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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Fruit quality is improved when a fruiting plant is shocked by a cold snap or a dry spell with fruit on. The plant is essentially packing the lifeboats in case conditions don't improve, so it jams sugars, vitamins and minerals into the fruit.

Supermarket fruit isn't even attached to the plant when it ripens. Small wonder it's bland and not especially nourishing. You just can't beat fruit that's so ripe it falls into your hand with the lightest tug.

The only thing sweeter is knowing it was all tax free!

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Avocado - Hass Seedling

Anonymous's Edible Fruits
Update: 527 days 2hrs

Comments: -

Parent survived a week long flood. I think it's a Hass going by the parent's fruit which have a thin hard black skin, a large seed and excellent flavour.

Planted: 2017

Height 1 metres

Growing: In the Ground

Qty: 2

Sun/Shade: Full Sun

Water Given in: Spring

Pollination: No

Fertiliser or Organics Used: Chook poo and coffee grounds

When I Fertilise: Spring

Pest Control:

Wild May fruit fly attractant in drowning pots


Seems to be suffering from wind exposure, is a windbreak advised for a plant this big? (1m)

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