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Megan9's Edible Backyard

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Location: WOOMBYE

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Megan9 Forum Contributions
Kj pinks - I do..357 days 18hrs
New lychee variety - Erdon lee this season..512 days 6hrs
Paxton prolific not fruiting - My dad , Keith is an amazing farmer and if you follow his advise on growing Paxton’s prolific you will only have enormous success. Out of my small orchard of 15 trees I have had a $18000 return this year...713 days 15hrs
New lychee variety - I grow erdon lee..861 days 24hrs

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Paxton prolific not fruiting - Hi MarkMelb. I found one interesting article below from the Keith-Judy Paxton discuss about their Paxtron Prolific . I think you can delay/control the fruit timing up to 1-2 months by removing the first flowers and some leaves. If the fruit is harvested..Liked Answer 713 days 15hrs
Paxton prolific not fruiting - Hi bzh, If your Paxton Prolific is only 3-4 year old I would not expect it to have a good yield until it reaches to its maturity age. If last year you had 6-7 but this year only 1 then it done nothing wrong. The same outcome for most young fruit trees, o..Liked Answer 713 days 15hrs
Passionfruit leaves yellowing intermittently - Hi Mick Might be the result of the weather starting to cool down and the days becoming shorter hence the shedding of some leaves especially the older ones. They are known to look crappy during winter as well. another thing to remember, older leaves wil..Liked Answer 713 days 15hrs
New lychee variety - Heard about this variety on ABC radio. As a former Nth Qlder, tropical fruit lover & hobby gardener I'm wondering if these are available to purchase on-line & shipped to SE Qld. I understand these have been only recently sold commercially into the fruit m..Liked Answer 861 days 24hrs

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