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Ellen3's Edible Backyard

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Mesona chinensis - JohnMc1, when you do add the banana scent , it should only be add to the sweet syrup which add on later onto the finished product of the jelly in your glass or serving dish, with crushed ice. btw you have the hairy suong sam version as well?..2101 days 9hrs
Mesona chinensis - Quyen so sorry it's been a while i've not been to the forum. Only saw this now. If you still want cuttings then contact me on my email emmanuel19972000@yahoo.com ..2101 days 9hrs
Mesona chinensis - JohnMc1 you don't add pomelo flower's scent to the jelly grass suong sam,,,,you add the banana scent one, dùng dầu chuối thôi. Dầu hoa bưởi is for cooked dessert ...2101 days 9hrs

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Looking for cyclea barbata - I am about 3000km up the road Franky.Unfortunately my Cycleas are rubbery vines and cuttings don't take and fruit don't set.I am unable to produce new ones and mine was grown from seeds originally...Liked Answer 2101 days 7hrs
Mesona chinensis - hello all, I just found this forum, and would like to share some tips to you, In the winter I use warm water to water my plant and use clear plastic bag to make the mini green house for my plants and they grow very nicely, you can try, also pick the to ..Liked Answer 2101 days 8hrs
Mesona chinensis - Hi, Ellen can I have some of yours suong Sam cuttings please Or anyone that have suong Sam cho mình xin ít canh về trồng. Thanks..Liked Answer 2101 days 9hrs

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