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Berrymaniac's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/09/15 Updated: 01/09/15 Frost:
Location: GOWRIE,2904,ACT

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Keriberry1 - Keriberries originated in Southern Asia not NZ. They may well have come to us via NZ but at some point they would have been introduced to NZ. They are farmed here commercially and the product is quite a large berry. There have been issues with spreading i..714 days 20hrs
Keriberry1 - I have been experimenting with Keriberries in cold climate for several years now. I think I have planted about 5 in various locations but the only survivor was the one I planted in full summer sun in the worst spot in my yard. It thrives but shows very fe..721 days 11hrs
Karakaberry - They are a hybrid developed by the NZ government, the exact details are sketchy but the original plants were hybridised with some different North American varieties. From what I can work out Costas' have the rights in Australia and currently licence berry..1293 days 17hrs
Blueberry burst - There have been reports of burst plants ground planted in the ACT growing much larger than the one metre dwarf size. I suspect that the recommendation to keep them potted may keep the size down...1387 days 19hrs

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