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Homegrown's Edible Backyard

Joined: 08/08/18 Updated: 08/08/18 Frost:
Location: PALMWOODS,4555,QLD

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Homegrown Forum Contributions
Pruning5 - Would anyone have some easy to follow pruning tips please for Dwarf apple Tropical Anna, Golden Dorsett (both 8 months old), Tropical Beauty peach, Sunwright nectarine and Sunraycer nectarine (all 4 months old)? Or suggestions for easy to follow videos o..79 days 19hrs
Strawberry plants need help please - A couple of months ago my strawberries (Tempation) were growing beautiful and lush, now they have some issues and not sure how to save them. Some got brown crispy leaves which flopped out to the side and then the leaves died, however the middle started re..90 days 4hrs
Stone fruit issues - I planted Tropical Beauty peach, Sunwright nectarine and Sunraycer nectarine last October and all the trees seem to be going fine and growing well except for this strange shrivelled brown leaf thing happening on nearly all the branch tips. Can anyone ple..115 days 19hrs
Grapes subtropical - Thank you Mango Mike. Do you think it's to late too plant now? ..220 days 3hrs
Grapes subtropical - Can anyone please recommend a seedless, disease resistant grape variety that grows/fruits successfully in the subtropics (Sunshine coast Hinterland)? Thanks kindly..223 days 19hrs
Golden dorset apple tree - I planted my Golden Dorset Apple Tree 1 month ago and it's producing flowers already. Should I prune them off to allow the tree to put it's energy into growing and establishing itself? Or doesn't it matter? Thanks..290 days 19hrs

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