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Strawberry plants need help please

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A couple of months ago my strawberries (Tempation) were growing beautiful and lush, now they have some issues and not sure how to save them. Some got brown crispy leaves which flopped out to the side and then the leaves died, however the middle started regrowing, some plants have black spots, some of the leaves have curled up, there seems to be all sorts of things happening at once. This is only their first year and I have mulched underneath. They are in full sun. I though it might be a fungal problem so I sprayed them with EcoFungicide and EcoOil twice (7 days apart), however they don't seem to be recovering. Any suggestions please? Can they be saved?
Thanks kindly.
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25th February 2019 1:23pm
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johnnyv says...
Well strawberries like a bit cooler weather to produce fruit. They also have shallow roots and hot weather can dry them out very quickly. I am in Auckland, NZ and my strawberries are looking similar to yours and are only producing poor quality fruit. As the weather cools in the next several weeks I expect the plants to come back and start producing quality fruit again.
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Auckland, New Zealand
1st March 2019 6:15am
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