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Karmicguide1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 00/00/00 Updated: 09/03/21 Frost:
Location: PRESTON

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Karmicguide1 Forum Contributions
Looking for black ischia fig and bourjassote - Hi, did you ever have luck with the LSU gold? I'd love to know if it's a true LSU gold..476 days 13hrs
Dekopon in australia - So seeds from sumo are the only way. Do they grow true? I went through ten and got two seeds haha. ..676 days 22hrs
Dekopon in australia - Any update on this? I'm still keen to get one. If it's not too much trouble, on a flying dragon rootstock hehe..679 days 11hrs
Growing figs in pots - Hi sterling, do you have any black mission cuttings? ..878 days 9hrs
Fig cuttings available - Hi, I'm interested in the vdb. Do you have cuttings still? ..878 days 9hrs

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Panache fig tree - Hi Aus, panache is around, but chances are the people who have it won't give you any budwood/cuttings because of the secret squirrel culture. I am currently in the business of smashing this cartel of parsimony to pieces--and if I do say so myself,..Liked Answer 898 days 13hrs

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