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Please help looking for manihot grahamii hardy - that would be last resort and probably wouldn't make it through customs. i grows in northern Australia so i still may find someone who has it. thanks anyway :)..302 days 0hrs
Please help looking for manihot grahamii hardy - Hi I'm looking for Manihot Grahamii (Hardy Tapioca) either stem cutting or seeds. It looks similar too Cassava which it is related. It may be a weed in Brisbane and Toowoomba or maybe an ornamental. Happy to buy/swap .........have cass..303 days 18hrs
Grafting12 - get some parafilm tape from any florist and give it a go yourself this summer have a look at this vid on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lssseaG_Tg..387 days 4hrs
Trying to contact speedy please help - Hi I'm from a rare fruit club and trying to contact "speedy" if anyone knows him could you please pass on my details. Thanks Karl ..387 days 6hrs
Who wants grafted carob and budwood - Hi allybanana Thank you so much for the offer of the trees. Unfortunately they do not transplant well so not certain if they would survive. Could post a pic for a general indication of how big they are. Would you be prepared to sell budwood ther..408 days 1hrs

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Who wants grafted carob and budwood - I have two grafted carob trees if anyone wants to pick them up the are big ten cm plus diameter. I planted them about ten years ago and they fruit prolifically but the beans all go moldy or get a beetle in them. I think we are to humid here in Eden NSW. ..Liked Answer 404 days 5hrs

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