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who wants grafted Carob and budwood??

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fon42 starts with ...
Recently I've been able to contact Mr Henry Espenshade about obtaining grafted carob seedlings and/or bud-wood/scion from named females.

He asked me to email him (see below) my request.

I'm hoping to obtain scion and am willing to send any i can't use so they can graft their existing tree.

I prefer people that will be willing to swap/trade or share this budwood at some point in the future so we don't loose access to these varieties.

There is also the possibility of grafted seedling so let me know if wish to buy one.

There are a lot of unknowns and i'm not sure if its going to be a job lot or deal with individuals but will keep you updated here and on the facebook group shown below.

Cheers :)

Copy of Email request:
Dear Mr Henry Espenshade,

Further to your phone call and my previous email below myself and others are trying to source both grafted carob seedlings and budwood to upgrade established trees.

I am part of the Heritage and rare fruit network on Facebook which has a group of carob enthusiasts some with 80 year old trees.

see link here
Heritage and Rare Fruit Network (Australia)

As our group has access to males and Hermaphrodites some possibly "Clifford" Females would be our priority.

Any Help on obtaining budwood and/or grafted seedlings of the named varieties such as Sfax, Amele, Tylliria and Clifford would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for speaking with me. Those of us who appreciate carobs know your name.


Pictures - Click to enlarge

Picture: 1
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12th September 2019 6:38am
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allybanana says...
I have two grafted carob trees if anyone wants to pick them up the are big ten cm plus diameter. I planted them about ten years ago and they fruit prolifically but the beans all go moldy or get a beetle in them. I think we are to humid here in Eden NSW. The varieties are Kasuda and Clifford.
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18th September 2019 1:47pm
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fon42 says...
Hi allybanana

Thank you so much for the offer of the trees. Unfortunately they do not transplant well so not certain if they would survive.

Could post a pic for a general indication of how big they are.

Would you be prepared to sell budwood there may be members of my heritage fruit group that live close....or possibility post them???

when i get the pic i will post on the heritage fruit group page and go from there.

Thanks again
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19th September 2019 10:35am
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TareqMelb1 says...
Hi Fon24

How did you go with the carob plants and scions, any luck?
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26th November 2020 8:08pm
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