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Jasong1's Edible Backyard

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Location: GORDON

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Trees in one hole - Yes if you go to the Flemings website, there is info on duo/trio plantng. But it must be compatible types. When we lived in Melb, the garden had 2 apple trees a red delicious and a granny simth planted in the same hole, maybe 1 feet apart and it grew real..Liked Question 1718 days 8hrs
Trees in one hole - Hey everyone, thanks heaps for your replies! Gives me more options to consider, although I'm still a little worried about pruning etc - I really am a novice. And thanks for the photos Steve - really helped to see visuals...Liked Question 1718 days 8hrs
Trees in one hole - Hi Chelle, yes I've heard of this, it was on Burkes backyard or somewhere. As long as they are both citrus trees, or both apple trees. It will work. Cheers Dianna ..Liked Question 1718 days 8hrs

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