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Jan From Sydney's Edible Backyard

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Why Jan From Sydney Love's Edible Plants

 I bought two Dragonfruit Red cuttings from Daleys in December 2019. I had one huge perfect fruit in 2023 (pictured)  and now in January 2024 I have 10 fruit forming with more on the way. These flowers opened last night at 9pm. I noticed the buds suddenly swelled at 8pm and little bits of white were showing through so I knew that they were going to open tonight.) They only open for one night (and I hand pollinate with a cotton bud) and then by 9am the next morning they close. You only get that one 12 hour window of opportunity to pollinate either by insects or by hand. I am very pleased with my purchase from Daleys. I have taken lots of cuttings from this plant and now I have several growing in pots all over my garden. I live in Sydney. This one is growing in an old decommissioned recycling bin with holes drilled in the bottom with a very large wooden pole planted in the middle for support.  I used compost and cactus potting mix and dynamic lifter and I water a little twice a week. Occasionally I spray the cactus with seasol. It gets 7 hours sun a day. I have not had any trouble with pests. Occassionally I get cactus rust but treat that by spraying with a copper oxychloride fungicide on a cool day and that contains it.  The taste of this dragonfruit is amazing, much better than the shop bought ones for which  I pay $5.50. I highly recommend growing dragonfruit and this red variety tastes delicious! Thank you Daleys!


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Jan From Sydney Forum Contributions
Red dragonfruit1 - I purchased my Red Dragonfruit from Daleys in December 2019. I am growing it in Sydney in a really large bin with a large wooden support planted in the middle. Needs minimal work as it mainly looks after itself. Today (July 2023) I picked my first fruit. ..328 days 1hrs
Honey gold mango - Hi Markmelb your King Thai looks amazing....and hi to everyone else. Update on my Honey Gold mango trees planted from seeds in 2017 and 2019. Photos attached. They are growing in raised garden beds as a big eucalyptus tree has roots that take all the wat..400 days 21hrs
Black sapote48 - I picked them at the end of January. Half of them have ripened so far by 24th Feb and they tasted great. After losing my nectarines to fruit fly in Sydney I haven't given any fruit fly a chance as I bag the black sapote fruit when they are quite smal..822 days 1hrs
Black sapote48 - Purchased November 2019 from Daleys and just picked 7 lovely fruit January 2022 even though the tree is still very small. The fruit really does have the texture and taste of chocolate pudding. I think that I should have picked them last August but I didn&..824 days 0hrs
Lady finger bananas - I bought my Lady Finger Banana plants from Daleys 23 months ago. I can't plant anything in the ground due to large eucalyptus tree roots so I planted in an old tin garbage bin with the bottom removed. I have bananas forming now so very happy. Dynamic..1174 days 4hrs

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Can unripegreen tamarillos ripen off the tree - Hi snottie and everyone, Just an update: Out of the 5 green tamarillos that fell off my tree and that I sealed in a plastic bag with 2 apples, 4 ripened to perfection. They turned orange not red like the fruit are doing on the tree but still tasted just a..Liked Answer 803 days 1hrs
Black sapote48 - They look good. Did you pick them recently? (Up in Cairns I have picked some and eaten them in mid winter). You can tell whether they are ready to pick because the calyx begins to lift up off the fruit. Daleys have an excellent video on this https://ww..Liked Answer 822 days 1hrs

Dragon Fruit - Red (Calloused Cuttings) (Cutting) 10/10

Jan From Sydney's Edible Fruits
Update: 118 days 5hrs

Comments: - Easy to Grow and the fruit tastes amazing

Fruiting Months March, April, May, June

Planted: 2020

Height 3 metres

Growing: In a Pot

Qty: 2

Sun/Shade: Full Sun

Water Given in: Spring


Pollination: Hand Pollination

Fertiliser or Organics Used: Dynamic lifter

When I Fertilise: Yearly

Organic Status:Organic

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