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Anne's Edible Backyard

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Anne Forum Contributions
Mexicola avocado - Dear Jessie, I never sold any, just posted the scions free to anyone who was interested. Now the block is built on, I can no longer do this but I spoke with the new owners and they have kept the Mexicola tree on the land. I saw someone was selling a gr..44 days 0hrs
Mexicola avocado - Dear Tim, I used to send the scions to people when the block was vacant. So the Mexicola lives on :) Love and Peaches, from Anne XX ..44 days 0hrs
Mexicola avocado - Dear Rev, Thank you very much for your message. I was able to access the tree for scions and seeds when the plot was vacant. However, it now has a house built on it, so I am no longer able to get seeds and cuttings. Fortunately, the new owners are kee..1009 days 12hrs
Mexicola avocado - I visited the Mexicola tree today, I have been away overseas travelling for a couple of months and so I have not been to see it for a while. The block has been sold and construction has started on a house. The Mexicola tree is still there! And I have w..1172 days 22hrs
Mexicola avocado - Dear Dan, Thank you very much for your message. The Mexicola is currently in flower; and looking very healthy, it fruits around January time. If you want some scions from the tree, when the time is good to graft. Please let me know, and I can arrang..1284 days 3hrs

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