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Becrule35's Edible Backyard

Joined: 30/07/20 Updated: 01/11/20 Frost:

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Becrule35 Forum Contributions
In search of avocado rootstock - No worries thank you. Also guys do you know where to get an avocado plant tested? I mean for diseases. Just got some avo seedlings that may have had a virus and it has spread to my other avo seedlings and now my avocado plants. Do you guys know what verti..1273 days 8hrs
Multi planting avocado - How are your avocado trees going in Bendigo? I am in Ballarat lol and I am also growing them too. I may move to dunolly area soon and hoping they will do better there. I just worry about the frosts but I will be covering mine when there is a frost. ..1300 days 19hrs
Multi planting avocado - Do you know where to get Mexicola from in Australia? Or where would I purchase one from overseas? I have tried and most places don’t sell to Australia...1300 days 20hrs
Multi planting avocado - Hi mate just wondering how I go about buying some avo scion wood or seeds from Spain or better yet America? I want to get some Mexican cold hardy varieties. I’m thinking of getting some land in dunolly and hoping it’s warm enough there for them to do ..1300 days 20hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - How did you go with grafting lamb hass? I would love someone to sell me scions of their avocados too. No such luck yet. Do you now have a lamb hass? If so can I buy some scions off you? I have tried to get a lamb hass but all out of stock atm...1356 days 13hrs

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