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Mc01's Edible Backyard

Joined: 17/09/21 Updated: 24/04/24 Frost:

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Mc01 Forum Contributions
Tahitian pummelo1 - Does anyone know if the Tahitian pummelo here in Australia is the same as the one in the US?..493 days 8hrs
Chinese japanese pomelo pummelo plants cuttings - Hi Scott, I will be in Brisbane early next year and would like to buy / trade for some Mato Buntan cuttings if you still have the plants Cheers Marcus..520 days 21hrs
Dekopon in australia - I would be keen on some budwood if you sell as well..986 days 6hrs

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Hawthorn - I’m looking for a Medlar fruit tree and a hawthorn grown in Iran. Not sure which one of the Crataegus genus I want. Any help would be appreciated as my friend, an elderly Armenian lady is looking for them. Thanks in advance..Liked Question 493 days 8hrs
Jumbo grow pot - Does anyone know if we can get this, or anything like it in Australia? This image is from San Franciso. ..Liked Question 493 days 8hrs
Dekopon in australia - One of my trees produced around a doz fruit this year. They are very sweet even picked early. Fruit was very close to original, being sweet, easy peel, large and seedless. Here's an early pic taken in April...Liked Answer 986 days 6hrs

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