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Stacy's Edible Backyard

Joined: 31/10/21 Updated: 26/04/24 Frost:

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Stacy Forum Contributions
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in melbourne - Hi Tran, if you can find some indian jujube seeds or fruits could you let me know. I am based in Brisbane and would like to grow it here ..617 days 14hrs
Indian jujube - Hello, trying to source this shrub if possible. Thanks..617 days 15hrs
Asiatic palmyra palm - Hi All ..am trying to find out if I can get some seeds or know someone who is growing this plant with delicious fruit. Pls help..617 days 15hrs
Asian palmyra palm - Hi, would anyone know where i can buy one of these please?..920 days 14hrs

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Night flowering jasmine - I am selling Night flowering jasmin - Parijat - Harsingar Plant At this stage 8-9 seedlings. Once grows at least 6 - 8 inch, will sell them. This is updated post of July 2023 contact me if you want hasan0007@live.com..Liked Answer 303 days 14hrs
Wanted soap nut tree3 - Hi everyone, Just happened across this forum. Interesting info... In case it's relevant, my neighbour knows where there's a Mukorossi. I can ask if it seeds if anyone is interested. I guess the first question is: Does anybody have the equ..Liked Question 495 days 15hrs
Indian jujube - It was in Australia at CSIRO years ago but the arbotetum was closed and trees removed. Try looking on FB and rarefruit groups or State based Ag Dept collections to see if someone else also grew it...Liked Answer 610 days 13hrs

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