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FayesGarden's Edible Backyard

Joined: 07/12/21 Updated: 26/03/24 Frost:
Location: ATHERTON

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FayesGarden Forum Contributions
How i fixed my sick gardenia - How magical is that. Think I'll try it on our hibiscus plant which has aphids and have already done soapy water, neem and some other spray I've forgotten name if - something labeled eco ? Thanks for your post. Happy flowering!!..452 days 22hrs
Pepperdew piquant peppers - Thanks! I'm almost addicted to these peppers. I now have seeds of sweet piquante peppers (Pepperdew) trying to 🌱 them. Cross fingers 🤣🤞..452 days 22hrs
Pepperdew piquant peppers3 - More pics 🙂..459 days 16hrs
Pepperdew piquant peppers - Interested in growing pepperdew peppers. Does anyone on forum grow them? From what's on internet the sweet piquanté pepper is a cultivar of Capsicum baccatum grown in the Limpopo province of South Africa. It has a pleasantly sharp and appetising-fla..459 days 16hrs

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How i fixed my sick gardenia - My potted Gardenia was dying, Aphid and other insect attacks were knocking it about. I fed the plant with Gardenia food, watered it and it just got sicker and sicker until... In desperation at a massive Aphid attack I sprayed the whole plant including tr..Liked Answer 452 days 22hrs
Pepperdew piquant peppers - I have grown a few Capsicum baccatum in the past, a lot had very mild outer walls but hot around the core. Seems similar to your description. Manzano and Rocoto types. I would start by finding seed of the ones online in Australia. The plants live for many..Liked Question 452 days 22hrs

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