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How I fixed my sick Gardenia

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82jeff82 starts with ...
My potted Gardenia was dying, Aphid and other insect attacks were knocking it about. I fed the plant with Gardenia food, watered it and it just got sicker and sicker until...
In desperation at a massive Aphid attack I sprayed the whole plant including trunks and stems with fast knock down flying insect spray then hosed it off 5 minutes later.
The result is astounding....
Super shiny deep green leaves and zero new yellow leaves, leaves sprouting from the woody trunks everywhere, flowers in quantities I've never seen on the plant before.
I followed up with another dose two days later and do it now when I see anything starting to attack the plant.
I've done this to 5 different plants and they ALL show the same incredible result. Hope it helps, let me know how you get on.
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KEILOR EAST 3033 VIC Australia
6th March 2023 6:38pm
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FayesGarden says...
How magical is that. Think I'll try it on our hibiscus plant which has aphids and have already done soapy water, neem and some other spray I've forgotten name if - something labeled eco ? Thanks for your post. Happy flowering!!
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20th March 2023 12:13pm
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