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Wodez's Edible Backyard

Joined: 08/11/22 Updated: 26/08/23 Frost:
Location: Avondale heights

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Wodez Forum Contributions
Grafting from non mature tree - Gday I have a few avocado seedlings I will soon be grafting onto. I have access to a friends mature tree but he is unsure of the exact type of avocado. It’s about 8m tall and fruit tastes great. I will graft most of my seedlings with this tree but ..483 days 17hrs
Avocado yellow veins - Problem solved It was most likely a nitrogen deficiency ..507 days 14hrs
Avocado yellow veins - Hey there I have a potted fuerte avocado the has recently started to get yellow leaves. It starts at the base of the leaf and travels through the veins. Also there is some small brown lines on some branches. And some cut branches seem to be dying back ..551 days 12hrs
Avocado root rot treatment options - I have a hass that has root rot. I’m looking for options or anyone with opinions/experience with the issue. I would prefer an organic option but not sure if that’s possible. And I won’t be eating fruit from it for another 2 years if I’m lucky s..551 days 12hrs
Grafting onto yo avocado tree - Thanks Jakfruit. I have since tried a few grafts directly onto the trunk. Wrapped scion With glad wrap and put tree (in pot) in a more shaded and sheltered position. Been 1 week so unsure if any have been successful yet. If I have some success when..574 days 13hrs

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Avocado tree advice - I live an hour west of Brisbane and have black clay soil. A few years ago I bought one of your secondos after digging down about 3 feet and the size of a dining table to prepare for it. I filled the hole with garden soil, cow poo etc. I think it was too w..Liked Question 293 days 17hrs
Avocado root rot treatment options - Try Yates 500ml Anti Rot Fungicide as leaf spray, it is not organic but works. Make sure your potting mix is free draining by adding sand, or other materials like perlite ...etc. if in ground, be careful with the mulch not to touch the trunck to prevent c..Liked Answer 479 days 23hrs
Grafting from non mature tree - Overall the budwood from any fresh grafted tree will still be fully mature, not reverted to younger state. There might be a very slight delay from the younger trees, and sometimes new vigorous shoots on a grafted tree can be less mature, but they will be ..Liked Answer 479 days 23hrs
Apple trees in winter shade - I would like to plant my apple trees in a position that has full shade from the house in late Autumn and Winter but come late spring it ends up in full sun all day. I'm in a sub tropical area so I have low chill apple varieties and I was told that ..Liked Question 584 days 21hrs

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