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Grafting from non mature tree

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Wodez starts with ...
I have a few avocado seedlings I will soon be grafting onto.
I have access to a friends mature tree but he is unsure of the exact type of avocado. It’s about 8m tall and fruit tastes great.

I will graft most of my seedlings with this tree but I was after a bit of variety and maybe some smaller trees. Another friend has 9 avocado trees. They are only 3-4 years old. They are yet to fruit but they are definitely grafted. I’m wondering if I take some bud wood from these trees will they fruit in the usual 4-5 years like grafting from a mature tree? Or will they take longer because they are not technically grafting from a mature tree, just a young tree that is grafted.
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Avondale heights 3034 Vic Aust
17th February 2023 4:56pm
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Original Post was last edited: 18th February 2023 7:01am
jakfruit etiquette says...
Overall the budwood from any fresh grafted tree will still be fully mature, not reverted to younger state. There might be a very slight delay from the younger trees, and sometimes new vigorous shoots on a grafted tree can be less mature, but they will be fine and catch up.
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jakfruit etiquette
19th February 2023 5:52pm
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