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SYA's Edible Backyard

Joined: 30/03/23 Updated: 02/05/23 Frost:

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

SYA Forum Contributions
Which prune plum tree - Hi Edward, thanks a lot for the reply. I will most likely get the Splendour as I know I can easily source it here, I can also source the D'Agen. How are the crops of your Robe de Sergeant compared to the Splendour? I'd also like the prune to hel..441 days 21hrs
Which prune plum tree - Hi, I'd like to grow either the ROBE DE SARGENT PLUM or the Splendour Prune plum (D'Agen cross). Has anyone grown these? Any opinions or preferences to help me decide. Thanks ..444 days 3hrs
Mirabelle tree - Hi, Anyone in Tasmania with a Mirabelle plum (or another nice European Plum) that would be willing to share some kernels or swap some scion wood? ..448 days 0hrs

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