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Senecio's Edible Backyard

Joined: 02/08/23 Updated: 24/11/23 Frost:

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Senecio Forum Contributions
Wanted mexican flamevine cuttings - TyalgumPhil, the amount of times I did that, but to no avail. It appears that "S confusus" is still the more commonly used name. ..190 days 9hrs
Wanted cuttings mexican sunflower - I found about that eBay store. The seller is so nice. Already bought a few cuttings two months ago. And they're exploding. :)..203 days 14hrs
Apricot trees in sydney - I live in western Sydney. I've had my apricot tree for nearly 5 years now. It grew fast and is around 4 metres in height, but it only gave me 1 fruit within that timeframe. It also doesn't bloom much, just a few flowers here and there - unlike m..299 days 7hrs
Wanted cuttings mexican sunflower - Hi. Just signed up here and I'm also looking for cuttings of this plant. Bought some overseas from eBay but our customs destroyed them. :( I hope someone could send some for me. Thanks...317 days 15hrs

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Wanted cuttings mexican sunflower - I can send either rooted cuttings in a forestry tube or cuttings..Liked Answer 203 days 14hrs
Wanted cuttings mexican sunflower - there a person in qld that sells them in ebay and facebook market place https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/386075618698?hash=item59e3e66d8a:g:2ZUAAOSwV4pk8Ayi Bought from her a few times good to deal with ..Liked Answer 203 days 14hrs
Wanted cuttings mexican sunflower - I have potted up some cuttings I took yesterday, happy to share if anyone still wants them. They cover entire roadside embankments up here in the subtropics, need to be kept under control in the home/permaculture setting..Liked Answer 317 days 15hrs

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