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Susi's Edible Backyard

Joined: 14/01/08 Updated: 14/01/08 Frost:
Location: Melbourne

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Susi Forum Contributions
Licorice plants - Thanks Jenn - Susi..3716 days 10hrs
Earwigs - Thanks for your help regards Susi..4174 days 10hrs
Earwigs - Thanks John. We have a infestation of red back spiders and have been told that they follow the earwigs. They use biflex bifenthrin permethrin delta miethrin and I understand these are organic. Do you know much about this. I really want to keep the orc..4175 days 5hrs
Earwigs - Does anyone know how to get rid of earwigs in an organi orchard please..4177 days 6hrs
Licorice plants - Thanks Julie. I understand it is the root that is edible. Have you any more info on how to grow or harvest etc. Regards Susi..4177 days 6hrs
Licorice plants - Does anyone know where I can purchase a licorice plant from please..4181 days 10hrs

Pomegranate - Wonderful

Susi's Edible Fruits

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