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Joined: 01/08/09 Updated: 18/08/09 Frost:
Location: South Miami

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Abiu3 - You might want to try liquid copper fungicide. I got some here in Miami, FL about 25 yrs ago, but I don't know if it is sold in Australia. It worked well on a mango I had anthracnose problems with, but when H. Andrew in 1992 knocked it down, I replaced t..4633 days 22hrs
Mango tree not fruiting - Bad Habit of Ft Lauderdale: At this time of the year, I suggest you try washing the tree & fruit with sudsy water to remove the white flies. If you use any insecticide, the fruit will be contaminated. A car wash wand makes the task easier if you have one...4751 days 23hrs
I need some rhubarb advice - I guess Elf is in Australia. Here in Miami, FL, we don't grow rhubarb, but my father did in a garden in Ohio. He used standard N-P-K fertilizers such as Miracle Grow, & never had bug problems. However, N. Ohio topsoil is better than almost any other, the..5315 days 21hrs
Mango tree not fruiting - Valencia - I have one of those trees here in Miami - It does get pretty tall, & needs regular trimming to keep it from getting too big. It, like all mangos, is fully tropical and cannot stand freezing. At my location, we get 40 - 50" of rain annually, mo..5506 days 9hrs
Mango tree not fruiting - To Mitch in Miami - You have sooty mold on the leaves. You can spray the tree with Liquid Copper Fungicide, or you can simply wash it off with soap and water. Both methods work, & I'd recommend the soap first, followed by the liquid copper for good measu..5544 days 21hrs

Valencia Pride mangos

Starman535's Edible Fruits
Update: 5416 days 11hrs

Comments: - The tree grows very large here in S. Florida. Had a great crop this year, but the tree now needs to be cut down to size, so next year's crop won't be as good. The fruit are moderately large, about 1 kg or so each. The tree flowers in January-February, and the fruit are ripe at the end of June to the beginning of August. 

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