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MerilynWanneroo1's Edible Backyard

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Location: Wanneroo

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Pepino - Kendall Gold

MerilynWanneroo1's Edible Fruits
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The Pepino grows well in a large black pot surrounded by a trellis to support the fruit, so it doesn't take up much space.  It flowers all year round here in Perth and produces fruit steadily.  If you don't want to pick the fruit, it can be left on the shrub for months without deteriorating.  The Pepino starts producing fruit, about the size of a large apple, in it's first year and is ripe when purple stripes form over the green skin.  . 

When harvesting the fruit, cut the stalk, to protect the plant and the forming flowers.  To prepare the fruit I cut it into quarters and peel the skin back, it slides off quite easily.  The fruit is very juicy and tastes like and is similar in colour to a rockmelon.  It tastes delicious when chilled.

I enjoy growing unusual fruit that I have never seen or tasted before.  I also grow the Goji Berry, a lovely red, sweet berry about the size of the sultana grape that is power packed with nutrition and is very easy to grow.     

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Loves Fruit Trees says... [1724 days 13hrs ago]
This is the most helpful review I have found anywhere for Pepinos. I like to try unusual fruits too. I am so pleased it is a shrub instead of a vine also!
Loves Fruit Trees says... [1724 days 4hrs ago]
PS Note: I just researched them. The minerals contained in Pepino fruits are iron, zinc, copper, manganese, calcium and phosphorus. Some minerals such as copper, zinc, and manganese are also antioxidant minerals. That is a pretty good profile there. You're getting trace-element nutrients that are seldom found together in fruits and veges! That's better than a multi-vitamin.

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