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Maria's Edible Backyard

Joined: 13/08/09 Updated: 04/02/10 Frost:
Location: Malabar

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Maria Forum Contributions
What are your favourite fruit trees in - Granadilla (Passiflora Liguralis) from Colombia, crack in on your head, eat it with a spoon, Beautiful spoted orange rigid skin, inside it looks like snot, but it taste delicious. Yellow Pitaya... delicious, but don't eat too much or you will need to..4266 days 9hrs
Naranjilla1 - Thanks! I will wait and see... They are my favorite fruit juice from Colombia, I am looking forward to juice them... also, another question: they are growing so tall so quickly, can I hard prune them by the end of summer or autumn?..4273 days 4hrs
Tamarillo1 - Thanks B. Where do I get borax, and is it toxic for humans? ..4274 days 9hrs
Babaco drops fruit - Hi Correy, my Babaco is on the ground......4282 days 2hrs
Naranjilla1 - Hello, my Naranjillas are looking spectacular and have been flowering since early spring, but no signs of fruit forming. I have a few of them so they should be cross polinating, any chance that they will ever fruit?..4282 days 7hrs

Dwarf Peach - Standard

Maria's Edible Fruits
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