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Kim1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 20/08/09 Updated: 17/12/09 Frost:
Location: Brunswick Heads

About My Edible Backyard

Why Kim1 Love's Edible Plants

i live in a block of units and so have limited space.  rainfall is quite good although my garden still requires watering by hand


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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Kim1 Forum Contributions
Birds pecking at avocados - What I mean is no maggots are left inside, the fruit is still beautiful...3462 days 13hrs
Birds pecking at avocados - Yes here we have the fruit spotting bug and nothing is ever left inside...3462 days 13hrs
Birds pecking at avocados - Thanks Mike, so thats what the hard lumps are from. The avos are huge, like a softball and taste fantastic. Am glad to know they are OK to eat...3480 days 14hrs
Birds pecking at avocados - What I thought was birds pecking is actually from a fruitspotting bug. I wonder if these fruits can still be eaten...3481 days 14hrs
Birds pecking at avocados - The crows have left peck marks in the avocados that are still hanging on the tree. Are these dangerous to eat? What can I do with them?..3481 days 14hrs

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