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Jette's Edible Backyard

Joined: 23/08/09 Updated: 23/08/09 Frost:
Location: Fairfield

About My Edible Backyard

Why Jette Love's Edible Plants

I work long hours in a stressful job but am trying to establish an edible garden for the health of myself and family. I'm not great at gardening so on a steep learning curve.

Soil type - seems to be some clay, but otherwise I've had organic soil brought in for the garden beds so hopefully ok.

Annual rainfall..whatever it is for Brissie?

My block is long and skinny, I had the high-set house set back to the rear to leave as much of the north-facing front yard out of shade as possible. I've planted dwarf fruit trees along each side of the driveway and plan to put more into bags along the eastern fenceline.

Challenges - my front yard is overshadowed by the neighbour's trees which is frustrating, but trying to work around it and at least they're on the western side, although my veggie garden seems to suffer. But my biggest challenge is myself and my lack of knowledge and time!

My rewards are seeing things actually growing, my veggie garden producing, and my two uni sons actually walking out there to pick fresh lettuce leaves for their sandwiches, tomatoes, and greens to cook up at teatime.


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Hawaiian Papaya (Carica Papaya) 7/10

Jette's Edible Fruits
Update: 5383 days 14hrs

Comments: -

Watered in some iron chelates on 160809.

Currently in a pot sitting near some fruit trees along the driveway, plan to move it to the eastern fence when it's grown to at least a metre.

Planted: 2009

Height 20 Centimetres

Growing: In a Pot

Qty: 1

Sun/Shade: Medium Sun

Water Given in: Spring

Pollination: Self Pollination

Fertiliser or Organics Used: Nothing as yet

Pest Control:

None so far

Organic Status:Organic

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