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B1b2j3 Forum Contributions
Angel peach tree heavenly sweet - Daleys sell the high chill as suitable for Temperate...1691 days 20hrs
Angel peach tree heavenly sweet - Mine has recently died. A dwarf angel. I just wrote. ... Probably been dead for a while, been waiting for leaf. All my other stone fruit have now flowered / leafed up. Just did a scratch test..boo hoo. ORDER Courier Company CONFIRMED Jenny Carla Web 4-A..1691 days 20hrs

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Foof forest is a fraud - I frequently get a couple of flathead species in my castnet and they have those extra gill spines and even an extra row of bones in the flesh.They are a bit like whiting being keepers when you're after good fish.Tomorrow I hope to be getting red emperor ..Liked Answer 2424 days 13hrs
Foof forest is a fraud - To all those who don't know what defines a forest from a woodland ,here it is. If trees are spaced more than their height apart than it is a woodland . When permaculturalists talk about a "forest " they do mean a forest not a woodland. Happy Earth ,I..Liked Answer 2424 days 13hrs
The trouble with permaculture - Permaculture enthusiists seem more interested in selling/attending courses than actually growing anything. Go to a permacuture happening and before too long someone will sidle up to you and ask "What courses have you done?" Nonetheless, they appear harm..Liked Answer 2424 days 13hrs
Foof forest is a fraud - Hello, all you Permaculturalists. Please block your ears because I'm about to shatter an icon or three. OK. Permaculture is a cult that ostensibly is about garden "design" but like Scientology it is actually about selling expensive courses to insecure..Liked Answer 2424 days 13hrs
Bergamot orange - Hello people, I bought a Bergamot Orange tree over a year ago and know nothing about citrus.It is a good tree, and flowers beautifully. It has just had its first fruit which has been growing the size of large marbles, then going brown on top, center, the..Liked Answer 2434 days 14hrs
Bergamot orange - Maybe, depends on where you are in Oz and how hot it gets there. I'd be more inclined to check the soil you are growing it in. Wheelie bins are dark and absorb a lot of heat, on a hot day the soil would get very hot and maybe so dry that it gets water re..Liked Answer 2434 days 14hrs
Bergamot orange - without any pictures, it is hard to diagnose the problem. However, given the tree is healthy and is flowering and fruiting, and based on the fact the tree is only 1 year old, I'm inclined to say the fruit drop/browning is due to the tree being a very yo..Liked Answer 2434 days 14hrs
Bergamot orange - Thank you,I live in Merredin WA and it is a dry heat av 40 degree in summer. I have moved it to the eave line of the back verandah so it gets full sun till around lunch time, then shade, then late afternoon sun as the sun goes down. Yes Janita it does sme..Liked Answer 2434 days 14hrs

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