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Peter6's Edible Backyard

Joined: 24/01/10 Updated: 24/01/10 Frost:
Location: Glen Waverley

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I have germinated the only one sed of Wax aple for 3 months now, it's only 25mm height and had only 4 leaves, growing very slow, I ned to make a hothouse to kept it in the comming winter, I hope that I can kept this one upo to it bears fruit, the fruit is in red colour, l%u01A1ok very beautiful.


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Exotic vines - Dear Myac. Thank for your gơd news to have pakalana vine in Aust, I would like to have one when you ready for distribution Peter Le..5234 days 22hrs
Exotic vines - Hi Tran I'm looking for pakalana vine too, but coud not get one yet, I went to college of horticulture and asked teachers, but no help, I jumped on the yahoo answer still no one answer, I wiil try to ask some more or perhap go to QLD or Darwin to look fo..5555 days 22hrs

Wax apple

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Update: 5234 days 22hrs

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