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Dee1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 24/04/10 Updated: 24/04/10 Frost:

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Why Dee1 Love's Edible Plants

I live east of Austin, Texas. I have 3 satsuma that planted in the garden area, 2 sugar apples in pots. In the winter time, I put all my fruit plants in my green house.  while in the green house last winter, my mango plant  did very well but since the end of Mar I brought it outside on my patio,  its leaves are all dropped and no new leaf has appeared .  I did I do wrong?

All my other plants has been doing well, satsuma, lemon & lime has been blooming since Apr.

There are a lot of pine trees and my garden used to cover  lots of pine needles.  Does pine needles hurt my fruit trees?

I love gardening and hate to see any of my plants is not doing well.

I will appreciated for all your helps. I am new in this forum so I don't know how to attach pictures yet.



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Fuyu persimons - Hi! I just bought a dwarfed fuyu persimon with a lot of bud and flowers on it. - when do I have to plant it in the yard? I live in zone 7. - how often do I need to water it? - since it's flowering, will the flowers will drop if I remove it from the..5142 days 13hrs

fuyu persimon

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Update: 5142 days 11hrs

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