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Macleaymac's Edible Backyard

Joined: 26/01/09 Updated: 26/01/09 Frost: None
Location: brisbane qld

About My Edible Backyard

Why Macleaymac Love's Edible Plants

I am a senior plus. A retired TV cameraman / director who did heaps of gardening programs. :-)) We live on a small island 15 mins off the coast at Redland bay in Qld. Our soil on a 1000m2 block is very sandy and acid.It lies east west . We usually have fairly consistent rainfall and showers off the coast and rarely suffer any storm problems. Hail from the south usually stops before it gets here. 

 Six years ago we built here ourselves and cleared the land from original rough bush and trees. I immediately dug in large quantities of any and all old grass clippings and decayed plant material to bring the ground up to par for planting. Sometimes followed the mowers that did the roadside and raked up that grass and composted it.Also added organic fertilisers and 100 bags of potting mix, over a 2 year period. We have the advantage of great afternoon sea breezes from the east most days so it's fresh and lovely year round.As we are not open to the sea on the east side we do not suffer from salt burn etc on the plants.

Basically fruit etc in qld is so cheap it's not really worth growing. However we have a Kensington mango that is coming in to its own this year and has been pruned to 2 metres high.That caused it to have many branches down low. It's been a big challenge keeping it free of disease and leaf sucking insects. All looking good in Autumn 2010. Also have banannas that are looking very good after addition of a cow/chicken/mushroom compost. They are like lady fingers but a bit larger and the herbs (trees) grow about 2.5 metres tall.

I have about 250 potted plants that I sell as well. These are mostly grown from the seeds,cuttings and divisions of existing plants on our block which is extensively planted. We are fond of Rosella jam so have those bushes planted as annuals. (6 pots in 2010 off 2 bushes). We have about 20 goldfish in an outdoor pool and I add the green algae from that to our large compost heap. It's a traditional one with all the kitchen scraps and plant and lawn cuttings.WWW Wonderful Wonder Worker, long before the net was invented.  




macleaymac says... [3346 days 12hrs ago]
By using heaps of compost and seaweed and organic fertiliser, this growth and maturity has been achieved in 4.5 years

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Growing boysenberries - Logan berries are totally delicious. Like all the berry plants they profit with a cold snap when setting the flowers.Not sure about the extreme cold of the ACT but I have known areas with heavy frosts to have magnificent berry crops so I guess it's all O..3332 days 5hrs
Dragonflys - have suddenly become a fan of dragonflies. Catching mosquitos? Can they be trained for this? How many does one catch in a day? Can they be bred in captivity? Wow there's a whole global industry waiting on this Aussie discovry...3332 days 5hrs
Dragonflys - Amanda. Of course Qld'ers know that very strange things happen in WA. LOL We have had a large flight of dragonflys again this year too. Not tied to any event though. It's fairly usual in Brissy till about late April early May. Several different varieti..3346 days 13hrs
Mango tree not fruiting - Nothing has been said so far about applying gypsum. This is applied liberally in the spring (hopefully when there is water around) as mangoes need calcium...3607 days 2hrs
Cant find white pomegranate treeseeds in australia - Hi all pleased to say that of six cuttings I planted, I had a 50% strike. Possibly one more, I'm not sure if it will make it.Seems they strike very easily in our sandy soil. I will take 50 more and see how we go.There is not too much doubt in my mind th..3674 days 10hrs
Cant find white pomegranate treeseeds in australia - Ok I have taken some fruit.Three ripe ones and full of seeds.I'll plant 50 and see how they go.Also planted 12 cuttings in my shade house. Now it's wait and see time. We can plant anytime of the year. Bottom temps are a very brief 8c.Mostly 15c to 20+ i..3778 days 10hrs
Cant find white pomegranate treeseeds in australia - by the pictures I think we have a tree on our Island in Brisbane. I did not know what it was when asked.Raining heavily today (Yay!) but will post photos in a day or so. It's on a site due to have a commercial building so may not be there much longer...3783 days 11hrs
Curry leaf tree - Look at this link and decide if you have the same tree. http://www.plantoftheweek.org/week129.shtml People cannot (should not) advise others to eat tree/shrub/flowers/berries etc as one would be liable at law should they be harmed by ingesting them.This..3789 days 12hrs
Apple tree no fruit - Hello hebby8. It depends on 2 main things.First presuming it is a nursery bought plant, what the root stock is. If the stock the apple was grafted to is not the approved one for apples, then it can take 7-10 years before fruiting. If it is a 'seed grown..3789 days 12hrs
Mango tree not fruiting - Here's a link to the web site of Annette mcfarlane. The articles answer a lot of the above questions: http://www.annettemcfarlane.com/Stories/Mangoes.pdf As it's a pdf file you may have to go to her site as above, then click stories, then select mango..3801 days 6hrs
Mango tree not fruiting - Folks there is sooo much stuff about mangos that is pure conjecture. e.g the weather, the wind, the water. The reasons for fruit drop and failure to fruit can be none of the above.These plants stress easily through any lack of minerals/ plant food, water,..3801 days 7hrs

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