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Gemma's Edible Backyard

Joined: 12/08/10 Updated: 12/08/10 Frost:
Location: Brisbane

About My Edible Backyard

Why Gemma Love's Edible Plants

Every morning there's something new to see out in "the jungle".


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Gemma Forum Contributions
Quince - Hi Kath, I would love to try growing a quince. Do you ever have spare seeds and if so would you consider putting some in the post? Cheers, Gemma..4182 days 14hrs
Miracle fruit - Hi Sampa, yes I have frangipanis galore! Both white and pink. I could send you a couple of small branches if you like. Though they're pretty easy to propagate if there are any in your neighbourhood, just break a branch off, wait a couple of days for it t..4182 days 15hrs
Miracle fruit - Thanks John! I'll give it a go. Phil I would love to do a swap and can either dry some and put them in the post, or plant them... I'll be down your way in about a month. I would love a rollinia, finger lime AND canistel (greedy!). Just trying to think..4337 days 9hrs
Miracle fruit - YUCK! After three years of expectation, my tiny (30cm) miracle tree grew masses of beautiful red berries. They taste fine on their own but oh my goodness the sicky sweet after-taste is something else. What a crazy plant. ..4337 days 9hrs
Strawberry guava1 - My 3 year old strawberry guava is over 2m tall, flowers beautifully but no fruit yet! Will it ever come? Does it need another one to pollinate it? ..4356 days 14hrs

Raspberry - native (Seedling) 10/10

Gemma's Edible Fruits
Update: 4178 days 11hrs

Comments: -

Yummm... into the fourth month of fresh raspberries on cereal every day. The whole neighbourhood loves them. From tubestock to this in a year!

Fruiting Months May, June, July, August, September

Planted: 2009

Height 1.5 metres

Growing: In the Ground

First Fruited: 8 Months from Purchase in Pot

Sun/Shade: Full Sun

Water Given in: Summer

Pollination: Self Pollination

When I Fertilise: Never

Pest Control:


Organic Status:Organic



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